10 Free Releases For Your Friday

Allan Kingdom Future Memoirs –  www.mediafire.com/?bvarsbbqwpc66b4

future memoirsallan kingdom soundset


The Winnepeg to Minneapolis transport is rising rapidly among hip-hop circles before and after dazzling crowds at Soundset this year. Swoop his newest project and catch him live at 10 Thousand Sounds or at The Best FKG Show Ever at The Fineline.


F. Stokes Liquor Sto’ Diaries –  http://potholesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/liquor-sto-diaries

liquor sto diariesF. Stokes


Stokes enlists Doomtree heat-makers Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak (who produced Stokes’ classic Death of a Handsome Bride) for this 4 track release. His live sets are truly engaging, telling the gruesome yet beautiful truths which leaves audiences captivated.



Animated Personas (Tony The Butcher and DJ 8EProof ) Animated Personas  –  http://animatedpersonas.bandcamp.com/album/animated-personas

animated ps


The first release from the Sioux Falls and Fargo natives dropped this month which features Soulcrate’s Attn Def & Dirt Dee, Kipp G and Aquafresh. Catch the album release show at The Aquarium on August 9th. (Was released for name your price originally, $5 now.)


Snoop Dogg and The Eastsidaz That’s My Work 4  –  http://www.datpiff.com/Snoop-Dogg-The-Eastsidaz-Thats-My-Work-4-mixtape.629952.html

Snoop_Dogg_Thats_My_Work_4-front-largesnoop soundset


After 9 years of incarceration, Tray Deee was released earlier this April paving the way for Snoop to reunite with him and Goldie Loc to drop a mix-tape hosted by DJ Drama. It is the 3rd official release from The Eastsidaz.


GRRRL PRTY GRRRL PRTY TNGHT  –   http://www.datpiff.com/GRRRL-PRTY-GRRRL-PRTY-TNGHT-mixtape.597022.html

GRRRL_PRTY_Grrrl_Prty_Tnght-front-largelizzo sophia


The super-group comprised of Lizzo, Sohia Eris, Manchita, Quinn Wilson and Shannon Blowtorch electrifies audiences, capturing all ears and eyes. The release is the preview to the upcoming album. Catch them live at The Pizza Luce Block Party.


Orikal Uno  Sleepwalker –  http://www.orikaluno.net/

orikal uno


The 9th full length release from the St. Paul native on Graff Roots features Dispute One (Headshots), Glo Pesci (Abstract Pack) and production by Serebe. Custom canvases are available for purchase.


Earlybirds  Earlybirds  –  http://earlybirds.bandcamp.com/album/earlybirds



The self-titled release is the second from Capaciti, (raps) Jaron McDaniel (production) with cuts by A-Scratch. Earlybirds is a collection of songs that were never meant to be on the same project, half of the project was lost and re-found earlier this year.


Poison IV   Neofunk  –  https://soundcloud.com/pivofficial



The EP is the third solo release from Menage Quad’s Megan Hamilton who just began the 12-city Stereohype Tour earlier this week. Catch her and the Quad on tour or at Summer Set Festival in August.


Raw Toon  Why Not  –  http://www.datpiff.com/RAW-Toon-Why-Not-mixtape.632306.html

why not


The Minneapolis native got the southside bump from Atmosphere via Twitter earlier this week. That stamp is about as good as it gets.


Manny Phesto  Southside Looking In –  http://southsidelookingin.bandcamp.com/album/southside-looking-in

Manny Phesto


Manny Phesto’s debut full-length release features production in entirety by Mike The Martyr and has guest appearances by Akrite, Metasota, Greg Grease and Axl Foley. DJ Just Nine provides the cuts for 3 of tracks.