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Kipp G & The Crest: Last Show Ever 0

Fargo’s ambassador of hip-hop and most prominent rapper/emcee will celebrate his birthday on Saturday with longtime homies and favorites of the Fargo scene, The Crest for his last show ever. “Kipp has done a lot, not only for Fargo hip-hop but for the entire state of North Dakota.  The homie Jack Cracker from The Crest once told […]

Doomtree’s Final Blowout Series Sold Out 0

In proper and predictable fashions the final series of the annual Doomtree Blowouts all sell out well over a month in advance. Multiple shows at First Avenue, Icehouse, Turf Club, Triple Rock and The Varsity Theater will enjoy a packed house full of wings and teeth prepared to say a fond farewell to the annual get down. […]

Summer Set 2014 Preview 0

The 3rd installment of your favorite 3-day shindig nestled in the woods of Somerset, Wisconsin is back. This year’s line-up carries on the tradition of pairing the best of hip-hop with bass, EDM, rock and anything in-between.  Worlds collide and people unite under open air and vibrant lights. Words are futile, as experiencing Summer Set is […]

10 Free Releases For Your Friday 0

Allan Kingdom Future Memoirs –   The Winnepeg to Minneapolis transport is rising rapidly among hip-hop circles before and after dazzling crowds at Soundset this year. Swoop his newest project and catch him live at 10 Thousand Sounds or at The Best FKG Show Ever at The Fineline.   F. Stokes Liquor Sto’ Diaries […]

Soundset: Minnesota’s Hip Hop Christmas 0

The annual Memorial Sunday hip-hop festival was bigger than ever this year, selling out days prior to the show. Rap fans of all generations and kinds gathered in the Minnesota sun for an onslaught of sounds and sights. Over 30,000 sensory overloaded attendees meandered from each corner of the park to catch their favorite artists on stages in tents or amongst the crowd. However, it didn’t go off […]

PhilRAPthropists: An interview with one of the founders and organizers of the Rap for Life series 0

By Max Altmark — The Twin Cities is home to an abundant music scene, a culture united by its subcultures. Anything can be found; punk revival groups, 80’s hair metal outfits, mustached progressive rock hipsters and of course, our beloved backpack toting, genre bending hip hop scene that is bolstering with as much segmentation of […]

TBT: Draggon’s Lair 0

By Schuyler Conners — Last year had the exclusive privilege of a getting a glimpse into the two minds that make up Auddio Draggon upon their first official release, Magnate. Xilam Bilam (Los Nativos) and Mr. Gene Poole (The Dynospectrum / Phull Surkle / D.A.P.O.) pioneered hip-hop in the Twin Cities from the mid […]