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10 Free Releases For Your Friday 0

Allan Kingdom Future Memoirs –   The Winnepeg to Minneapolis transport is rising rapidly among hip-hop circles before and after dazzling crowds at Soundset this year. Swoop his newest project and catch him live at 10 Thousand Sounds or at The Best FKG Show Ever at The Fineline.   F. Stokes Liquor Sto’ Diaries […]

MC Longshot: The Road to the Release 0

By Steve Poons — Some of the most talented artists to ever create music were the ones who struggled the most through the early years of their lives. That’s not necessarily saying that one needs to struggle in order to be talented. But perhaps it says something about that environment and how it motivates artists […]

US Supreme Court Rules DNA Collection Upon Arrest Constitutional 0

By Schuyler Conners- The allowance of DNA collection upon arrest was ruled constitutional by The Supreme Court on Monday in the case of Maryland V. King. Alonzo King is a Maryland man who was charged with assault in 2009. DNA was taken, (which is normal protocol in Maryland for crimes fitting those circumstances) and linked […]

Minneapolis Parks: Best in the Nation 0

By Steve Poons — Congratulations Minneapolis, it’s official. You have the best public parks of any major city in the country. Well, as official as a non-profit conservation trust can get you at least.It was the Trust for PublicLand who declared the fair city’s parks the most deserving of the crown. Scoring an 81 out […]

Soundset 2013: A Chilly Celebration 0

by Steve Poons and Schuyler Conners —   The weather may have been dismal, but that didn’t stop 28,000 of every type of hip-hop head from attending the 6th annual Soundset festival in Shakopee, MN on Sunday, May 26th. Few festivals match the representation of all the elements of hip-hop as well as the Rhymesayers’ […]