Mark Evans and Maurice Clarett Make A Difference In Columbus

IMG_0827Lives were changed for the better last weekend when investment entrepreneur Mark Evans teamed up with Ohio State football legend Maurice Clarett to give away a fully refinished and furnished home to a Veteran mother and her 11 year old son. The home was donated to Clarett’s organization The Comeback Project who will manage the occupancy of this transitional home in Columbus. The first occupants, Vernice and Eryk, will be able to live in the home rent free for 6 months in order to get back on their feet.

Vernice wore emotions expressing her appreciation at the ribbon cutting ceremony, “It means a lot to us both.”

This is surprisingly not new territory for Evan’s who has given away homes free and clear to homeless Veterans before. He has always been motivated to give back but handing over the first set of keys to a family in need sparked a new level of dedication in his life to use his business to extend bold, life-changing “hand ups, not hand outs” to deserving families in what he calls “full circle giving.”

IMG_0851“I thought I was changing someone’s life, but the person who was probably changed the most was me,” said Evans.

Together Evans and Clarett have pledged to give away a million dollars in free real estate in the next ten years.

The spirit of giving didn’t begin and end with the house give away. On Friday and Saturday, Evans and his team coached real estate investors of all levels and of experience from every corner of the country in what they called The Deal Maker Experience.  Attendees trained in his methods and systems in an extensive two day seminar for an affordable price that didn’t even seem to cover the busses, meals and drinks made available.

On Friday, Evans made live calls to buyers and sellers of property in the Columbus Area to show how easily his process can be implemented.  Clarett spoke to attendees detailing his story of struggle, hope and determination told in the ESPN 30 for 30 Youngstown Boys as well as his newer ventures with The Comeback Project whose mission is to assist in developing at risk teens before they graduate high school.


He conveyed how he corrected his destructive behaviors, settled into a healthier routine which produced better habits, lessons easily applicable to anyone looking to improve their lives. Clarett recounted his meeting with Warren Buffet and divulged some of his business strategies.

“He accepts 70 phone calls a day…  He said people come into your life naturally, if you try go the other way around you end up wasting your time,” said Clarett on his meeting with Buffett.

On Saturday before the giveaway, seminar goers scouted the neighborhoods of Columbus on a field training exercise where they went into homes Evan’s bought and were able to see the his investment strategies implemented live. On the scout, one seminar attendee was able to strike a promising lead on deal with a neighbor of one of the properties Evan’s bought. Evan’s stayed well beyond scheduled times to answer every question of all attendees and was very accessible throughout the weekend. The overwhelming sentiment of seminar goers was palpably positive and grateful.

IMG_0777Mark and Maurice are an inspiration to us all. Despite coming from modest upbringings and enduring huge setbacks in life, both are able to impact many lives positively through their work in the communities with the values they uphold and the energy they put forth through those they come in contact with.