Monty Cold Just Warming up


monty coldMonty Cold is new comer to Minnesota but not to hip-hop. Mic skills have taken him across multiple states, and have given him opportunities to share the same stages as Big K.R.I.T. and Smoke Dza. Tonight, he showcases his talents honed in Nation’s Capital (DMV area) at St. Cloud State University (Atwood) at 6 p.m. We had the opportunity to catch up with Monty days after the release of his new video “Fish Grease,” produced by Louis Futon.


Who inspired you to make music locally in DC or helped you form your craft in any way?


“In the DMV we had a real strong scene for what we called “Go-Go,” hype, fun, live music. I was fascinated by it so I started playing for bands as a pianist. The piano basically inspired me from their. The infinite possibilities of sound amazed me, so that formed my craft and the individuals I played with all challenged each other to be better. Don’t “lack” as we would say, so that definitely was the driving force in being a musician/entertainer.”


What made you move to MN?


“I moved here for school late 2012. I attended McNally Smith College of Music (production). That move has had me here since. I met a friend who knew someone who knew someone etc., we know how that story goes. That led me to my manager Dan.  Dan and I met early 2013 and we’ve began the next step out here with my other manager Pquan.”


Who are your favorite artists? Dream collab any genre?


“My literal top artists of all time are D’Angelo, Andre 3000 and A Tribe Called Quest in that order. So it would be a dream to work with those guys for sure! But I’m very diverse in what I like as far as music. I want to work with alot of people. I love good music; that’s all that matters. I’d do a damn jazz collab honestly….rock, r&b, alternative music. If it’s good, I’m down. “


What has the transition to MN been like? Likes and Dislikes?


“I love it. I’ve met really dope artists and people in general. Love downtown, love the music scene so I can’t complain. As to the weather, I have tough skin so the cold doesn’t bother me more then the next person. That would be the only dislike. Y’all weather is way better then what I’m used too. You guys have consistency. It’s cold as hell or it’s hot and beautiful. Our weather is just stupid and random. Hot and rain, cold and rain, sun and snow, it just don’t make sense.”


At what age did you begin rapping? First rap experience?


“I spit my FIRST rap ever in elementary school, probably 4th/5th grade for a talent show. I can’t remember if I won but I know I had the crowd going! But my first experience that welcomed me was my first real show I did at HowardUniversity around 2011. I remember this big black room with people sitting in the chairs and when I went up they were still sitting. So, I have this big floor I’m just barely moving in and people looking at me like I’m a college professor. I promise you my eyes were closed 94% of it, but it was a good welcome. People came up to me showed a lot of love and I didn’t even expect it. It was dope and I’ve been looking for bigger spaces and crowds ever since basically.” Monty Cold


Check out Monty’s new video and music below if you miss the show tonight.