Sold Out Soundset 2014 0

The annual hip-hop party of all parties, Soundset 2014, is almost here and looking bigger than ever as it sold out days before hand for the first time in seven years. Rhymesayers’ Entertainment molded Sunday of Memorial weekend into Minnesota’s premier festival showcase full of 10 hours of hip-hop purity. This year’s line-up follows the tradition […]

PhilRAPthropists: An interview with one of the founders and organizers of the Rap for Life series 0

By Max Altmark — The Twin Cities is home to an abundant music scene, a culture united by its subcultures. Anything can be found; punk revival groups, 80’s hair metal outfits, mustached progressive rock hipsters and of course, our beloved backpack toting, genre bending hip hop scene that is bolstering with as much segmentation of […]

TBT: Draggon’s Lair 0

By Schuyler Conners — Last year had the exclusive privilege of a getting a glimpse into the two minds that make up Auddio Draggon upon their first official release, Magnate. Xilam Bilam (Los Nativos) and Mr. Gene Poole (The Dynospectrum / Phull Surkle / D.A.P.O.) pioneered hip-hop in the Twin Cities from the mid […]

Adam J. Dunn: Back in the LAAB 0

By Steve Poons — Ever since the late 1800’s, musicians have attempted to use visual stimulations to pull in new fans and attention. It began with composers projecting still images on a screen simultaneous to live performances and slowly evolved into what we now call YouTube. The obvious first memorable occurrence of the modern day […]

The First (And Last?) Appearance of AstroSims 0

By Max Altmark — Through the dancing lights that reflected off of rolling clouds of fog in the electric cathedral that is the Twin Cities’ legendary “danceteria,” I could see that the atmosphere was thick with excitement, ganja smoke, raw hip hop, community and the realization of dreams. These traits are all but guaranteed at […]