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For The Love 2015 0

For the Love, A Community Celebration 2015 in FULL EFFECT!!! All Ages Stage: Union Depot North Plaza Nazeem Nsikak Miss Cherice Old Friend Chris Lawrence Megan Hamilton Baby Shel Phillip Morris Katana Tek Big Jess/Big Wiz Manny Phesto I.B.E. Greg Grease Ashley DuBose Shorty Stage: Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar Rhymin’ w/ Tish Jones […]

Kipp G & The Crest: Last Show Ever 0

Fargo’s ambassador of hip-hop and most prominent rapper/emcee will celebrate his birthday on Saturday with longtime homies and favorites of the Fargo scene, The Crest for his last show ever. “Kipp has done a lot, not only for Fargo hip-hop but for the entire state of North Dakota.  The homie Jack Cracker from The Crest once told […]